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Driving Through Delusions
Chapter 88

Flying through Time

Lost Highways in Dark World

On this night our car traveled like a jet on a dark highway. We were in some hellish, but, cool dark world and we were traveling some passageway through time and space that resembled a highway, but, was clearly something else.

When I pressed the gas the car, jet, vimana, whatever shot forward leaving our worries behind. The oxygen seemed to run out and we were pressed backwards into our seats experiencing what felt like way too many g's.

Hold your breath, breathe, it didn't matter. We open the window a crack and air rushes in along with the crashing sound of thunder. The car swerves just slightly; turbulence I mutter to myself as I close the window.

When I look down at the speedometer it is obvious that our perceived or actual speed relative to the environment around us, namely the other cars and buildings, signs, distance to our destination had no logical relationship to each other.

The background was like a painting and the lights on the building got passed by like old stars whose dead light somehow couldn't keep up with us anymore.

We increased or decreased speed and the traffic seemed to shift around us. We were going the fastest but, everyone else was traveling 100, 110, we slow down, they slow down they're all at 85 now? Forget them let's go...faster...faster...don't look at the speed...just go!

On this particular stretch of land we had traveled thousands of times before we were in a different place we'd never seen or experienced before.

This stretch of the highway at this time was some kind of wormhole between two versions of reality that operated at different times or in different dimensions. Our sports car wasn't a car it was at least a jet and maybe some kind of spaceship.

A 20 minute trip appeared to take a couple minutes and actually took us about 5 minutes.

We flew a jet on the road alongside demons, ghosts, computer programs and other travelers of the night.

We were able to experience similar events several times on what we called “Lost Highways,” but, have not been able to repeat the phenomenon or find one again in close to a year.

Chapter 99

Waiting through Hell in Light World

The sun is already out somehow. It should still be night and you're far from home, on the road. Driving through hell isn't always a friendly race with timecops on a lost highway. Apparently sometimes it's a war against a continuous 200 mile traffic jam that you have to infiltrate, dig through, and outrun.

Put the pedal down and go. Somehow you know there's no cops on this highway and that you're not in reality anymore. Even if there are, you'd rather get pulled over than stop in this traffic right now. You have your reasons.

It's Sunday morning. You're in the middle of nowhere and there's really no reason the traffic should be filling up with cars and moving the way they are. They appear to all be trying to slow you down or block you in. You think they're more likely to be demons or a computer software flock of evil than real people. If they're real people, they must be trying to rob you or kill you. Or maybe they just suck at driving. You may no longer care.

It's times like these that it pays to have a fast car and skills behind the wheel. Just drive away. Fast.

If you can't beat the traffic and end up in a jam don't panic. You won't fry in the sun in your car, hopefully. If you planned at all, you should have water, food and be better off than the rest of the people in the other cars. They'll have to move, get out of your way, or literally abandon their cars to survive before you will.

If you're afraid someone's following you or that the people in the other cars will attack you, hopefully you can just lock your doors and the feeling and thoughts will go away as the traffic slowly moves forward and no one seems to get out of their car.

A stun gun or as little as a flashlight can help make you feel somewhat protected or at least like you have a last line of defense against a would be assailant. You should really be careful about actually using a stun gun or a flashlight or knife as a weapon or even brandishing them as a weapon and think of them as tools to make you feel secure and only be used as a last resort if you are sure you aren't hallucinating and are actually being attacked.

Make a judgment call. You can always drive on the shoulder at first. The only people that are legally allowed to stop you are law enforcement and you're usually better off than getting killed if you really believe your life is in danger.

However, note that I have used the shoulder before, sparingly usually only for seconds at a time. You would have to ride the shoulder the length of the traffic jam, or your journey, if it was bumper to bumper.

Someone is likely to get in your way at some point and you may end up having to sit in the car. I recommend just sitting the traffic jam out rather than riding the shoulder unless you've actually pissed a real specific person off and they're literally behind you, right now, chasing you in the flesh. Hopefully you have water, gas and A/C.

Let's try not to travel during the day anymore. Even Sunday. Not around here.

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